Open donation to make the Glacialis expedition possible

With this donation, you help us make our expedition possible. Your money will be used to ensure safety on board and to acquire all the essential resources for the departure of the Glacialis expedition.


Open donation, starting from 10 CHF. To donate more, simply increase the number in the field “quantity”.


Thank you for your support!

Open donation to make the Glacialis expedition possible

  • GLACIALIS is an innovative scientific expedition with the ambition to better understand the Arctic and promote its conservation. It is indeed a unique and fragile ecosystem, one of the last of the wildest on our planet.


    Our desire is to improve the knowledge of Arctic species, in particular birds, marine mammals and plankton, and their habitats, by studying macro and micro plastics. We aim at producing open access data in collaboration with a maximum of actors, by developing innovative and reproducible scientific methods.


    The collected data will allow to :

    • evaluate the impacts of climate change and man on this ecosystem
    • raise awareness about the marine and Arctic environment, through the sharing of high-resolution images, a radio play and a documentary, in the perspective of creating a bridge between science and art.


    The departure of the Glacialis Expedition is scheduled for May 2021 from the Azores, aboard the sailing ship Atlas. Only 40% of the expedition, i.e. CHF 30,000, remains to be financed to allow us to set sail, and that is why your contribution is very precious to us.


    Thank you very much for your donation!