From 1997 to 2020 :

23 years dedicated to ocean conservation

and public awareness

Some achievements realized : 


  • Nominated Earth Champion, Member of IUCN and Partner of the ACCOBAMS Agreement

  • Study and protection of cetaceans in the north-western Mediterranean seas (since 1997)

  • Sea surveillance of the Pelagos Marine Sanctuary (since 2002)

  • Protection of Green Turtles nests of Comoros Islands in Ndroudé (since 2010)

  • Film projections in Ndroudé, in order to raise awareness about the marine life (since 2019)

  • Safeguarding the Mediterranean Monk Seals (since 2012)

  • Distributing special nets to local fishermen in Mexico, to prevent Mexico’s “Vaquita" or California porpoises extinction. Nets that are harmless to porpoises. (2014)

  • Participation in the creation of the Balearic islands Marine Sanctuary (2018)

  • Organizing 260 scientific expeditions at sea (Côte d'Azur, Balearic islands, Azores, Bahamas, Vancouver)

  • More than 1,500 working days at sea to study cetaceans and the problem of microplastics, off the coast of French Riviera and Balearic Islands

  • 1,387 ecovolunteers embarked on SCS’s scientific expeditions

  • 31 sea workshops to raise youth awareness of marine ecology

  • More than 400 young people embarked on the SCS’s Sea Workshops

  • Closure of Switzerland’s only dolphinarium. Achieved thanks to an action led by Isabelle Chevalley, National Councilor in Parliament (2012)

  • Reaching an agreement with IOC that no captive dolphins are to be used at the opening ceremony of the Sotchi Winter Olympic games (2014)

  • Collecting and submitting 15,000 signatures to authorities in Bern demanding an end to Switzerland’s support for the resumption of commercial whaling at the IWC (Swiss Against Whaling 2011)

  • Campaigns against dolphin captivity (Switzerland, Caribbean, Guatemala, Quebec)

  • Campaigns against dolphins captured by industrial fishing nets

  • Campaigns against the use of infrasonic sonar by US Navy and NATO

  • Campaigns against the seal hunt in Norway

  • Design of an eco-label regulating whale watching in Goa (2019)

  • Training and supervision of more than 30 SCS Naturalist Guides

  • More than 160 free public lectures on the topic of marine world

  • Creation of the ACCOBAMS Training Kit. Educational tool used by those who organize research projects to safeguard Mediterranean cetaceans (ACCOBAMS 2002 mandate)

  • Creation in Lausanne of a media library specialized in marine life (CDU ranking)

  • Publication of a book on cetaceans (Les Cétacés en Questions, M. Rod, SCS, 2007)

  • Creation of an SCS App for the identification of cetaceans (AppStore 2019)

  • Over 60 courses in cetology and marine biology

  • Over 60 stands giving information and raising general public’s awareness

  • Over 300 media appearances in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (press, radio, television)