Marine Conservation Awareness & Education Project in Goa - INDIA

This 18 months pilot programme is focused on creating a statewide student network that can engage in raising awareness about the importance of marine ecosystems and enable ground conservation action. Funds have been raised for phase I and II of the project (June – December 2020) but not for phase III yet (January 2021- December 2021). This is a project in collaboration with our partner organisation in Goa, Terra Conscious.

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Target age group : 13 - 18 yrs & 18 - 25 yrs


Type of Institutes : Public & Private (based in Goa), Private (based in other states and are willing to either do digital or digital + field visit to Goa)


Pilot target : 20 - 30 Institutes


Field activities : Only for Ocean Clubs (local) / Schools from other states can book field itineraries based on the Covid19 situation at the time.


  • To create a network of engaged and aware students across Goa who can support and participate in marine and coastal conservation initiatives.  


  • To raise awareness about our oceans and coasts with emphasis on key marine species and regional/global conservation challenges and create student led projects for conservation action. 

  • To create a network of trained educators who can use this module and have skills to develop their own content in the ocean and coastal conservation space. 

  • To create an active network of student led 'Ocean Clubs' that can take up grassroots initiatives for awareness building and marine/coastal conservation action.

  • To create a digital platform where courses on different topics related to marine ecology are available for students and teachers.

© Terra Conscious

© Terra Conscious

© Ivan Martin/SCS

© Ivan Martin/SCS

Activities Phase I  June - September  (funds have been raised)

  • Develop and conduct a needs assessment survey with educators to provide direction on how these modules should be developed. 


  • Identify and assess the need and interest for Teacher Training Programmes.


  • Research online learning platforms/programmes/orgs who are focused on marine and coastal conservation learning and awareness building.


  • Complete the design of a comprehensive learning module for students with both digital sessions and field activities focused on 'Oceans & Coasts' with an emphasis on the Goa coastline for local schools. Identify the animation and illustration/content writing requirements.


  • Develop a 'Teacher Training' module so that they can help coordinate Ocean Clubs, as well as become stronger environmental educators in their own institutions. 


  • Develop a framework of engagement with schools in Goa to bring them on board for the dissemination of the 'Oceans & Coasts' module and set up an engagement calendar based on the number of schools/classes participating.

Meet the team for phase I: Puja, Ivan, Charlotte, Roshan, Marishia and Justine

Activities Phase II September to December (funds have been raised)

  • Identify and liaise with local partners  and Regional/National/Global education partners for Phase II of this project. 


  • Finalise the content of the student and teacher training modules including training structure and tools. 


  • Develop a list of under-ressourced schools that will get these modules for free. Develop the cost of these modules to build long term sustainability for the programme (for paid participation schools and institutes).


  • Start trials of the modules with 5-10 schools and get a feedback on the modules and the trials for the Teacher Training sessions

Why is this project important ?

  • Goa is India's most polluted coastal destination.

  • Disposable plastic is part of the everyday life of locals and tourists.

  • Abnormally high numbers of endangered dolphins and turtles are stranded on Goa's beaches, certainly in relation to human activities.

  • The locals, especially children, do not have access to awareness about the marine environment, which is very rich in Goa.

  • In India, much attention is being paid to the protection of terrestrial wildlife. However, very few projects are developed for marine animals and their environment.

  • We will train at least one teacher per school and so that they can continue to make presentations on the marine environment to children and thus keep the project going after our departure

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What will your support be used for ?

Thanks to your donations, we will be able to implement the 3rd phase of the project, and make it possible for our local team to work every day on this project for 1 year.

Activities Phase III (January 2021 - December 2021) - subject to funds raised :

  • Implement the education module with schools that currently have the digital capacity to participate. Field work schedule will be decided as per the Govt. rules with regard to the Covid19 pandemic. 

  • Implement the Teacher Training sessions. 

  • Introduce and establish the concept in local schools for interested students, where they can receive mentoring, knowledge support and design their own conservation projects.

  • Create a tool kit for the Ocean Clubs that members can use for local research projects, awareness building and on ground engagement. 

  • Create a media awareness campaign 'Students for Seas' to support schools and highlight initiatives taken by students to protect marine ecosystems and build grassroots awareness.

  • Link where possible these student initiatives with hospitality/tourism partners who are interested to support them and build collaborative projects.


  • Create an online platform presenting all the modules for easy access for students and professors.

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