We want to launch an awareness campaign throughout the state of Goa in India. The topics covered will be: plastic pollution, responsible tourism, protection of the marine environment and marine wildlife in Goa. This is a project in collaboration with our partner organisation in Goa, Terra Conscious.


For whom ?

For locals : in schools, universities, coastal establishments (hotels, restaurants, shacks), tourist operators, state agents (tourism department, environment department, coast guard).

For tourists : during events (setting up beach clean-up days, eco-responsible parties), in hotels.

@ Terra Conscious

@ Terra Conscious

@ Ivan Martin

@ Ivan Martin

Why is this project important ?

  • Goa is India's most polluted coastal destination.

  • Tourists come in large numbers every year to enjoy the beach, parties and alcohol without necessarily caring about the environment.

  • Disposable plastic is part of the everyday life of locals and tourists.

  • Abnormally high numbers of endangered dolphins and turtles are stranded on Goa's beaches, certainly in relation to human activities.

  • The locals, especially children, do not have access to awareness about the marine environment, which is very rich in Goa.

  • More than 400 dolphin watching boats are present in Goa, almost all of them do not follow codes of good conduct regarding how to approach dolphins.

  • In India, much attention is being paid to the protection of terrestrial wildlife. However, very few projects are developed for marine animals and their environment.

  • We will train at least one teacher per school and one manager per hotel so that they can continue to make presentations on the marine environment to children/employees and thus keep the project going after our departure

@ Ivan Martin

What will your support be used for ?

 Thanks to your donations, we will be able to hire a team in Goa of 4 people with experience in eco-tourism, public awareness, environmental projects and marine wildlife conservation (3 people from our local partner Terra Conscious, and our SCS project manager). This money will allow the local team to work every day on this campaign for 6 months, it will also pay for logistics, travel, equipment and rooms for the presentations.

@ Ivan Martin

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