Bernard Stamm
Stéphane Tourreau, champion du monde Apn
Justine Mettraux, navigatrice profession

« I support the actions of the Swiss Cetacean Society, which I consider vital for the protection of the oceans. »


Bernard Stamm

Swiss sailor

Two solo victories around the globe, one victory in duo

« I support the Swiss Cetacean Society to share and defend what connects us all to the ocean: we are part of it and it is part of us in our veins, to respect ourselves is to respect the source of our environment! »


Stéphane Tourreau

Vice World Champion Freediving

« I support the Swiss Cetacean Society because I care about the preservation and education of the marine environment and its wildlife. »


Justine Mettraux


French Champion and Vice-Champion

Nathalie Chèvre 2.jpg

« Protecting aquatic ecosystems is central to my research. From the shores of lakes to the depths of the oceans, thousands of species are endangered by our way of life. This is why I support the Swiss Cetacean Society, which is committed to the protection of cetaceans. »


Prof. Nathalie Chèvre

Prof. University of Lausanne

Faculty of Geosciences and Environment 

« Life originated in the seas, all the great extinctions began with marine regressions, and now as biodiversity is declining in the seas, many populations are collapsing. Do like us, support the Swiss Cetacean Society! »


Prof. hon. Dominique Bourg

Honorary Prof., University of Lausanne

Philosopher-writer in ethics and environment