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The SCS wants to help build a better and sustainable future for marine life.

Serving the Oceans is not an act of self-sacrifice in the service of nature alone, but is in the immediate interest of every human being.

Nature is essential to the well-being of each and every one of us and, in these current times of climate change more than ever we need a vibrant biosphere.

We don't fully appreciate how much we owe to marine life. However, not only are marine fauna and flora in decline, but the populations of the largest and most majestic marine animals are decreasing at a blistering rate.

At its level, considering the immensity of the task, SCS is currently engaged for the Vaquita in Mexico, the Green Turtle in the Comoros, the Mediterranean Monk Seal in Mauritania and Greece, and the cetaceans of the western Mediterranean and the Ionian Sea. As well as various programs for the Indian coasts conservation

Preventing these species from disappearing and regenerating the abundance of their populations is a vital necessity!
This is why we support various conservation and safeguarding projects of partners working in the field. 

This commitment is very important to us and we need your help to support these projects.

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