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Max-Olivier Bourcoud
SCS founder & president

Passionate about marine biology and ocean conservation, Max-Olivier Bourcoud is the founder and current president of the Swiss Cetacean Society - SCS.


He was a Whaling Protection Consultant for Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan at the Animal Welfare Department of the Bellerive Foundation in Geneva.


In addition to his active commitment to ecology in Switzerland, he regularly participates in numerous environmental missions, whether marine or terrestrial, on different islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, Florida, France and England.


Max-Olivier Bourcoud is also responsible for the environment and sustainable development aspect of international equine events organized by Equissima in Lausanne.

In the field of education, Max-Olivier Bourcoud is a post-compulsory specialist teacher, which brings him to teach ecology and sustainable development in a vocational school. He is also a didactician in Education with regards to the environment and sustainable development, as well as a pedagogical accompanist for teachers in training in French-speaking Switzerland.

Charlotte Bellot

Biology Graduated

Specialization in Marine Biology

Project Manager "Education and Awareness" DATA CETACEANS Programs Coordinator

SCS Guide


Charlotte has studied Humpback Whales in the Atlantic Ocean to assess the physical condition of individuals through the collection of morphometric data using a drone.

Passionate about scientific communication, biodiversity, and the preservation of natural heritage, she has been working regularly with the SCS since 2017, notably for cetology courses, scientific expertise, interviews, assistance with SCS stands at events, fundraising, and scientific data collection for the India project. She is also a guide for the SCS and is currently working on a potential long-term collaboration between the Green Turtle project in the Comoros and the University of Neuchâtel.

Manon (2).jpg
Manon Kerréveur-Lavaud
Master of Science (MSc) in Biology

Green Turtle Project Coordinator - Comoros SCS Scientific Interface Coordinator

SCS Guide


Graduated in 2020 with a master's degree in biology, Manon specializes in the study of mammals in their natural environment.

Alongside her academic work on primates, she has been involved with the SCS since 2018. Her involvement began after meeting the president, Max-Olivier Bourcoud, during his intervention at the Geneva Film Festival.

Since then, she has taken over the coordination of the Green Turtle project in the Comoros.

She can also be found at SCS stands or at sea during summer scientific expeditions. Eager for adventure, she loves to learn more about the marine environment and share her passion for animals.

Christine Vincenzetti

Doctor of Neuroimmunology

Development Advisor


Christine has been committed to the protection of marine mammals for over 25 years. She specialized in marine mammal bioacoustics as part of her diploma thesis, the first of its kind at the University of Neuchâtel. She has studied numerous species of marine mammals in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, and Mediterranean. With a PhD in neuroscience and nearly 15 years of experience in the private sector, Christine provides strategic advice for the development of the SCS.

Malvin Zoia

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

in Biology

University of Neuchâtel

Guide SCS


It was between a fleeting ornithological observation and a naturalistic drawing that Malvin one day delved more diligently into the mysterious world of whales. 

A childhood dream for many, he wanted to pursue it to learn more about the inhabitants who populate the Mediterranean, also the cradle of his origins.

It is through his eyes as a scientist, nature enthusiast (and perhaps a bit of a poet) that he now wishes to share this magical adventure with you!

PS: If you decide to embark, it is important for you to know that: pasta with him on board will strictly be al dente.

Philippe Jotterand

Internal Auditor

SCS Guide


Very interested in everything related to environmental protection and the aquatic environment (sailing, scuba diving, freediving...), Philippe naturally wanted to join the SCS by becoming a member in 2017.

This family man quickly completed his training to become a guide for expeditions in the Ligurian Sea the following year. He took  the opportunity to give a lecture on marine protected areas in the Mediterranean

Melissa Bill

Master of Science and Engineering

in Environmental Sciences


Volunteer Manager
"Vaquita" Activities Coordinator
SCS Guide


Melissa has always been fascinated by dolphins and wanted to contribute to animal protection. She aspires to create harmonious encounters between humans and marine mammals. As an SCS Guide, she currently manages volunteers and coordinates "Vaquita" activities.

Noémie Freymond

Master of Science (MSc) in Biology

Volunteer Manager
Coordinator of Projects: Mangroves and Turtles, Bali Scientific Interface Coordinator
SCS Guide


With a master's degree in biology from the University of Neuchâtel, Noémie specializes in conservation and animal behavior. Passionate about marine fauna, she has studied sperm whale sleep during her master's work. She plans to pursue a doctorate on chimpanzee sleep in Uganda in 2024. Driven by the desire to protect marine species, she has taken over the coordination of the Mangroves and Turtles projects in Bali. She is also the volunteer manager for the SCS.

03-Kypriotou Lida - web 2.jpg
Lida Kypriotou

Doctor of Molecular Biology

Coordinator of Activities:
Ionian Dolphin Project
Mediterranean Monk Seal

Lida is passionate about the marine world, wildlife photography and travel. For the past ten years, she has devoted a large part of her free time to volunteering for the well-being of children and animals. She is currently SCS Coordinator of the “Mediterranean Monk Seal” project of the CBD-Habitat Foundation.

Pierre-André Barras

SCS Accountant


As the SCS accountant, Pierre-André oversees registration processes and accounting operations related to SCS sea programs.

Jodie Leisi

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

in Biology 

University of Neuchâtel

SCS Guide 


Joining the SCS was therefore an obvious decision for  her. It allowed her to achieve two things: getting closer to cetaceans and learning more about them while participating in their preservation through various projects implemented by the association.

She believes that it's by being immersed in nature that you become aware of it and that's what she wants to pass on, especially during summer expeditions in the Mediterranean and through disseminating information about cetaceans.

Nadline Kjelsberg 

PhD in Ecosystem Restoration

SCS Guide 


Nadline is currently pursuing a PhD in ecosystem restoration. It involves reintroducing endangered species and repairing habitats after degradation. Always in love with marine fauna and motivated by its preservation, she has been involved with the association as a guide since 2021. Additionally, she contributes to scientific popularization on ecological topics for fundraising

Our captains

Gilles Martin
Gilles Martin

Professor of Physics-Chemistry and experienced sailor, Gilles is the owner of Merrespect, a transoceanic catamaran Lagoon 47 of 14m10. He puts his skills and spare time at the service of marine mammals through SCS. His thirty years of experience allow him to share his passion with  us all while respecting ecology and the marine environment.

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