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Green Turtles of the Comoros - News - 2023

Updated: May 22

Extract from the 2023 Activity Report / SCS AG

The SCS continues its commitment to the protection of sea turtle nests in the Comoros.

In the crystal-clear waters of the Comoros Archipelago, the majestic green turtle (Chelonia mydas), an iconic species, is threatened with extinction.

Despite its international protection and its status under CITES, poaching remains a scourge, endangering the survival of these magnificent marine creatures.

A small marine turtle gracefully maneuvers in its natural habitat, symbolizing marine biodiversity.

A young green turtle making its way to the sea.

On August 24, 2023, in Ouchy (Lausanne), Laura, Max-Olivier, and Florian Billarant from the SCS met with Mohamed Saïd Hassani from the Comorian NGO Ulanga Ngazidja for a working session. This meeting strengthened the existing collaboration, highlighting the continued commitment of both organizations to the protection of marine ecosystems, including the preservation of green turtles in the Comoros.

Our project unfolds in the heart of this fragile ecosystem, in the north of Grande Comore Island, near the village of N’droudé and on Turtle Isle.

United for protection: experts come together to safeguard marine turtle populations.

An Ecoguard from N'droudé on patrol.

Once a refuge for green turtle nesting, these places are now haunted by poaching. Too often, turtles, coming to lay their eggs, are poached before they even have time to bury their eggs in the sand.

Facing this imminent threat, the SCS, in partnership with the Comorian association Ulanga N’gazidja, is mobilizing for the preservation of these turtles.

logo for ulanga ngazidja

Ulanga N’gazidja, under the leadership of Dr. Said Hassani, a pioneering figure in environmental conservation in the Comoros, is our invaluable ally in the field.

With over 30 village associations committed to environmental protection, this community network embodies the hope for lasting change.

A fragile sanctuary: the beach where marine turtles come to nest.

Green turtle egg hatchery.

The essential actions for the protection of the green turtle require continuous support. That is why the SCS remains firmly committed, alongside its partner, in this fight for the preservation of the green turtle.

Support the survival of the green turtle concretely by sponsoring nest monitoring!

The struggle continues: marine turtles facing poaching, a threat to their survival.

Unfortunately injured green turtle.


Project Coordinator at SCS: Manon Kerréveur-Lavaud

© Photo credits : Ulanga N’gazidja

Lausanne, April 29, 2024

Blog Editor: Leonor de Carvalho / SCS


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