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The Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS is a non-profit organisation devoted to the preservation of marine mammals in their natural habitat. We hold the conviction that better scientific knowledge of the animals and their environment is essential to ensure efficient protection measures.

With this aim in mind, SCS distributes general information about marine mammals to the Swiss public, encourages access to specialised training and organizes the logistics at sea of scientific and environmental programmes abroad.  

1997 - 2020
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The Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS organises worldwide campaigns at sea for data collection on cetacean populations. These scientific programmes are co-financed by the Swiss public. The collected data are then transmitted to corporate scientists who ensure their treatment and usage. This SCS activity mobilises research platforms and teams of volunteers supervised by trained naturalists.


The educational commitment is of great importance in the local activities of the Swiss Cetacean Society. For example, SCS trains naturalist ecoguides as well as organizes training courses in cetology. Lectures to school students and the general public are held regularly, as well as exhibitions in museums. SCS's Junior Club set up various educational material and activities for kids and teenagers, namely the popular marine ecology sea camps Ateliers Mer.

Today in Switzerland, SCS is one of the main sources of information on cetaceans and is a specialized information center serving the public, students, travelers and the media. SCS makes it a point of honor to supply only certified information. Only a very strict information policy can enable the public to understand the real issues of marine mammal conservation.

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