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SCS Swiss Cetacean Society Action Tortues vertes Comores TSoutien salaire un mois écogarde

With CHF 100.-, you enable to pay one month salary to an ecoguard for its weekly patrol.

1 month sponsorship for nest monitoring

  • The Green Turtle Chelonia mydas is one of the seven critically endangered species of marine turtles in the world. Although it is fully protected at the international level and listed under CITES (or the Washington Convention), poaching is one of the main causes of its rarefaction.


    The project is taking place in the Comoros Archipelago in the Mozambique Channel (Indian Ocean), more precisely in the north of the island of Grande Comore, near the village of Ndroudé and on Turtle Island. Formerly an important egg-laying site, the Green Turtles that come to lay their eggs in Ndroudé have little chance of returning alive to the sea; they are often poached before they have time to bury their eggs in the sand.

  • The NGO Ulanga Ngazidja is a pioneer of environmental conservation in the Comoros, like Dr. Said Hassani who has been working for more than 35 years for the conservation, protection, rational management and enhancement of the environment in the Comoros.

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