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Open donation to support the "Proteius" Project

Support our legal and scientific team in the creation of a legal mapping tool to protect marine mammals.


Open donation, starting from 20 CHF. To donate more, simply increase the number in the field “quantity”.


Thank you!

Open donation to support the "Proteius" Project

  • PROTEIUSaddresses the above-described gap by providing a global mapping toolthat centralizes and organizes legal, geographical, and biological information related to marine mammals.

    Adapted to meet the needs of a wide target audience - academics, field conservation specialists, scientists, public – users can search for the level of information that fits their interest. Users can instantly identify biological species information, protected marine areas, and the legal measures in place for the protection of marine mammals.

    A one-stop-shop for marine mammal conservation, PROTEIUS is also an excellent pedagogical tool - making the information intuitively accessible and understandable for all users. It is open source, available to all users for free.

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