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SCS Swiss Cetacean Society Boutique Livre Cétacés en questions Michel Rod 2007 219 pages

Do you know…?

  • What is the origin of the whale?
  • What is sperm whale oil used for?
  • Why does the humpback whale sing?
  • How many elephants would it take to outweigh the blue whale?
  • How fast can a dolphin swim?
  • How does the Orca ripen its prey on the beach?
  • Are there whales in the Mediterranean?
  • What is the sperm whale looking for at a depth of 2,000 meters?

This book answersall of thesequestions and more.


Delivery only in Switzerland & correspondence currently only available in french.

Les cétacés en questions, by Michel Rod, 2007, 219 p.

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