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Donation from CHF 100.-

Once your donation is received, the SCS can distribute it among different projects or use it directly for a given project requiring urgent action.

For every CHF 100.- donated to the SCS, over 90% is invested in field projects.


NB: The SCS is officially recognized as a public utility organization and therefore all payments to the SCS (donations, action support, membership fees, shop purchases, registrations to expeditions) are tax-exempt. Proof of payment may be requested from the SCS.

Donation from CHF 100.-

  • The SCS is officially recognized as a public utility and therefore donations to the SCS are tax-exempt.


    The Swiss Cetacean Society-SCS or Société suisse d'étude et de protection des cetacés is a non-profit environmental organisation dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and convinced that the implementation of effective protection measures starts with a better scientific knowledge of the animals in their natural environment.


    To reach this goal, in Switzerland the SCS disseminates popularized information on marine fauna, organizes awareness camps, promotes access to specialized training and ensures, abroad, the logistics at sea of environmental scientific programs.


    Over the years, the SCS has acquired solid experience in logistics for scientific research for the protection of marine mammals.

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