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FAQs Liguria Expeditions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - SCS Expeditions

The SCS expeditions in the Ligurian Sea are fast approaching.
Here are the answers to your questions!

Découverte de cétacés en mer Ligurienne à bord du bateau d'expéditions SCS

Discover cetaceans in the Ligurian Sea aboard the SCS expedition boat. © Team SCS - Swiss Cetacean Society

A scientific sea expedition is a true adventure, but we understand there's much to think about before joining us!

We've compiled a list of the most important and common questions we anticipate you'll have.

Here are our answers!

  1. What prior experience is required?

No prior experience is required. Our guides and skippers are there to guide and train you throughout the week. You can come from any professional background. The important thing is to be willing and eager to help an association with its work!

2. Do I need to help navigate on board?

3. What kind of sailboat is used for the expedition?

4. How many of us are on board?

5. What can I expect from the cabins?

6. Where exactly is the boat and how can I find it?

7. Are all meals included in the price?

8. I have specific dietary requirements. Can you accommodate them?

9. What does a typical day look like and will I have free time?

10. What is the probability of seeing animals?

11. How often can we disembark from the boat?

It is always possible to disembark, our small dinghy allows a moment ashore whenever requested.

12. Is there email/Internet access on board?

Offshore, very little because the network is unstable, but at anchor (every evening), connection is possible. However, we do not have Wi-Fi on board, so you will need to have access to cellular data.

13. How should I prepare for the expedition? What should I bring in addition to usual clothes?

No preparation is necessary for the expeditions. However, if some people wish, they can ask the SCS for readings to learn about the species we work with.

Always have a windbreaker and warm, waterproof clothing. Normally, it's quite warm on board, so bring light clothing. In terms of equipment, fins, mask, and snorkel are always a good idea; we have 1 or 2 to lend but the sizes may not be correct.

14. Do I need insurance?

15. Is the crew able to provide medical care if needed?

Basic care, as well as first aid. The guides & the skipper can also return the boat to port in case of a problem. We ask eco-volunteers to inform us of any medical specificities.

16. What are the next steps? Are there forms or documents I need to fill out?

Please complete the form found at the end of the eco-volunteer file, which will be sent to you after payment.

More questions?

Check out our dedicated expeditions page below!

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© Team SCS - Swiss Cetacean Society 


© Photo Credits : SCS - Swiss Cetacean Society

Lausanne, June 10 2024

Article writing : Leonor de Carvalho / SCS


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