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Liguria Expeditions 2023

Updated: Apr 18

Ligurian Research Program

Extract from the 2023 Activity Report / SCS AG

After 26 editions, the Ligurian Expeditions have become a tradition of the SCS!

Explore captivating expeditions in the Ligurian Sea with SCS, gathering crucial data on marine biodiversity.

Photo credits © Ivan Martin

The SCS conducted its 26th ocean exploration mission in La Seyne-sur-Mer, near Toulon, from July 2nd to August 12th, 2023.

This initiative is part of the SCS Ligurian Research Program, in collaboration with the EcoOcean Institut based in Montpellier.

EcoOcean Institut

The main objective of this joint mission with EcoOcean Institut was to collect crucial data on the distribution of cetaceans as well as maritime traffic in the northwestern Mediterranean. This scientific data is essential for the IMPACT-CET and TOP-HABITAT programs, which aim to better understand the impact of human activities on cetaceans and to study their ecology.

Video credits © Ivan Martin

In addition to collecting data on cetaceans and maritime traffic, special efforts were made to assess the presence, quantity, and type of macro-debris in the region. This initiative highlights the continued commitment of the SCS and the EcoOcean Institut to the preservation of the marine ecosystem and raising awareness of plastic pollution.

Discover SCS's expeditions in the Ligurian Sea, a dedicated collaboration for marine research and environmental protection.

Photo credits © Ivan Martin

During this 26th data collection campaign, 6 expeditions were organized, totaling 30 days of fieldwork. These missions involved 27 eco-volunteers from French-speaking Switzerland, who worked under the careful guidance of experienced SCS Guides: Charlotte Bellot, Manon Kerréveur, Philippe Jotterand, Malvin Zoia, Nadline Kjels, and Jodie Leisi.

The SCS used the Spiwitanou catamaran, led by Loïc and Gilles Martin, to ensure mobility and the necessary resources for research.

Follow SCS's exciting adventures during its Ligurian Sea expeditions, dedicated to ocean conservation and combating plastic pollution.

Photo credits © Ivan Martin

" 6 expeditions were organized, totaling 30 days of fieldwork, involving 27 eco-volunteers and 6 experienced guides from the SCS. "

The past successes of our scientific expeditions demonstrate our ability to make a real impact. If you wish to get involved concretely, don't miss our upcoming expeditions in 2024 in the Pelagos Sanctuary, on the French Riviera.

Places are limited and going fast!

Sign up now to contribute to the preservation of marine life in one of the most precious marine sanctuaries in the Mediterranean.

By working together, we can protect and revitalize marine biodiversity for future generations.

Dive into the heart of exploration missions in the Ligurian Sea led by SCS, contributing to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Photo credits © Ivan Martin


Lausanne, 16 April 2024

Article writing : Leonor de Carvalho / SCS


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