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SCS SUMMER 2024 Guides Presentation

Updated: Apr 16

Eco-volunteering weeks 2024 and SCS Guides:
The crew will be able to observe the marine fauna and obtain information from the SCS guide on board (cetaceans, birds, pelagic fish).

Encounters with dolphins and whales will be systematically subject to scientific information collection, as well as ID photos on certain species.

For this summer, seven SCS guides will share the eight weeks of expeditions organized aboard our captains' sailboats. If you would like more information, you will find the link to our eco-volunteering weeks at the bottom of the page


SCS Guide since 2023

Bachelor (BSC) in Biology in Neuchâtel

'Fascinated by cetaceans since a young age, her passion continued to grow as she discovered more about these fascinating animals. However, in view of the threats weighing on the environment due to human activities, she quickly realized that the issue of protection concerning them was essential. Joining the SCS was therefore obvious, having allowed him to achieve two things: to get a little closer to cetaceans, by being able to learn more about them, while participating in their preservation, thanks to the various projects implemented by the association. She is convinced that it is by being immersed in nature that we become sensitive to it, and this is what she wishes to transmit, in particular during expeditions in the Mediterranean, which take place in summer, and through the diffusion of 'information concerning cetaceans.'


SCS guide since 2023.

Bachelor (BSc) in Biology at the University of Neuchâtel

'It was between a fleeting ornithological observation and a naturalistic pencil stroke that Malvin one day immersed himself more assiduously into the mysterious world of whales. A childhood dream for many, he wanted to make it come true in order to learn a little more about the inhabitants who populate the Mediterranean, also the cradle of his origins. It is through his eyes as a scientist, a nature enthusiast (and perhaps also a bit of a poet) that he now wishes to share this magical adventure with you!

PS: If you decide to board, however, it is important that you know that: the pasta with him on board will be strictly al dente .'


SCS Guide

Holder of a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from EPFL

Melissa has always been fascinated by dolphins and wanted to contribute to animal protection. She aspires to create harmonious encounter experiences between humans and marine mammals. SCS guide, she is currently responsible for volunteers and coordinates “Vaquita” activities.


SCS guide since 2021

PhD in the field of ecosystem restoration

'Graduate in conservation biology (marine & terrestrial specialization) currently a doctoral student (PhD) in the field of ecosystem restoration, which involves the reintroduction of endangered species and the repair of habitats after degradation. Always in love with marine fauna and motivated by their preservation, she has been involved in the association since 2021 as a guide and helps with scientific popularization for themes related to ecology for fundraising.'


SCS Guide since 2018

Internal Auditor

'Very interested in everything related to environmental protection and the aquatic environment (sailing, scuba diving, freediving, etc.). Philippe naturally wanted to join the SCS by becoming a member in 2017. This father quickly completed his training to become a guide for expeditions in the Ligurian Sea the following year, he took the opportunity to give a forum on marine protected areas of the Mediterranean. Since then, he has been an integral part of the big CBS family!'


SCS guide since 2021

Cetacean data program coordinator

Master (MSc) in biology at the University of Neuchâtel

'Has always been passionate about marine life and particularly cetaceans, all her professional choices have been guided by this ambition to one day be able to contribute to safeguarding Mediterranean biodiversity. In 2017, during his master's degree in Neuchâtel, SCS crossed his path through a Cetology course. That day, collaboration for an association sharing its values and its favorite motto: ' Understand to better protect ' was obvious. Since then, she has worked on different projects for the SCS, gradually and quite naturally, she became an SCS guide in 2021 until becoming program coordinator in 2024!'

--> 'Expeditions are for me the way to share my passion, to make myself useful for marine biodiversity and my dear cetaceans, but also to be able to keep one foot in the scientific world'


SCS Guide since 2018

Master (MSc) in Biology

'Graduated in 2020 with a master's degree in biology, Manon specializes in the study of mammals in their natural environment. In parallel with her academic work on primates, she has been involved with the SCS since 2018 following her meeting with the president (i.e. Max-Olivier Bourcoud) during his speech at the Geneva Film Festival. Since then, she has taken over coordination of the Green Turtles project in the Comoros. It is also found on the SCS stands or at sea in the summer during scientific expeditions. Eager for adventure, she loves learning more and more about the marine environment and passing on her passion for animals.'

You will find all the information

about the upcoming scientific expeditions to the Ligurian Sea.

Hurry, there are still places left!!


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